Historical & Religious Sites

Baler Church

CHURCH (Baler, Aurora) – Situated south of Quezon Memorial Park, in its vicinity stands Mount Carmel College. Baler’s patron saint is San Luis Obispo de Tolosa. The church is built largely of stones and bricks. This was the old historically famous garrison during the Spanish regime and the last pocket of resistance of the Spanish armed forces to surrender to the American Troops. It existed until the end of 1939 when the foundation of the new church was laid as the old church was almost eroding and falling into pieces.

The present church was built through the initiative of the late President Quezon’s wife Doña Aurora, their family and friends with the cooperative effort of the townspeople. The church was proclaimed as one of the historical landmarks of the Philippines by the National Historical Institute on February 29, 2000.

QUEZON MEMORIAL PARK (Baler, Aurora) – The birthplace of the late President Manuel L. Quezon, it is situated at the heart of the town. This is where the house of the Quezon’s once stood, a relatively small house made of wood, bamboo and nipa materials. In the event of time, the place was made the center of people’s recreation and a place for remembering the good hero.

MUSEO DE BALER (Baler, Aurora) – Located in Quezon Park, it has the photo exhibit of Pres. Quezon and his family and other leaders of the province. Pictures of the past events during the American, Spanish and Japanese period showing the history and culture of Aurorans, scenic spots and ethnic tribes of the province are on display. There are also things to be read about the province and its people especially the Dumagat and Ilongot.


ERMITA HILL (Baler, Aurora) – Located at Brgy. Zabali, this plateau covers an area of about two hectares overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It is approximately six kilometers from the town of Baler via Kinalapan-Cemento road. It can also be reached by traversing the river of Tibag and is more or less 20 minutes walk from Castillo. During the Tromba Marina, a phenomenal tidal wave on Dec. 27, 1735, which swept the town of Baler, it was used by the old folks as their get-away. The place became their temporary resettlement, which they called “Kinagunasan”, meaning “devastated”. When the pirates demolished the whole town capturing more or less 450 people including three priest, one of whom was allegedly sold, the survivors escaped by fleeing and hiding in the forest around Ermita. Ermita Hill was identified as site for Philippine Civil Service Centennial Forest. 

DONA AURORA ARAGON QUEZON HOUSE (Baler, Aurora)– Located at Rizal St. corner San Luis St., this house was re-build in honor of the wife of the late Commonwealth President Manuel L. Quezon. Doña Aurora who was known for her untiring efforts in providing social welfare services especially to the people of Aurora Province.

DIKALOYUNGAN MARKER (Baler, Aurora) – (as per written in the marker) “Sa pook na ito noong ika-3 ng Setyembre 1897 nagpunit ng sedula ang mga katipunerong kinabibilangan nina Teodorico Luna Novicio, Antero Amatorio, Norberto Valenzuela, Isabelo Palispis at iba pa sa mga lumagda sa isang manipestong nagpapahayag ng kanilang pagsalungat sa kapangyarihan ng Espanya. Sa pangyayaring ito nagsimula ang himagsikang Filipino sa distrito ng prinsipe (Aurora ngyon). Nagsilbi rin itong himpilan ng kilusang rebolusyonaryo”

ERMITA HILL (Casiguran, Aurora)
 – Situated at the northeastern end of Liwayway St. Poblacion 3, Casiguran, Aurora, it houses the statue of the alleged miraculous Virgin Mary who according to legendary beliefs stood as the residents protection during the height of the Muslim invasion of the coastal town.

DIBUT BAY (San Luis, Aurora) – This scenic and historical place mostly inhabited by Dumagats or Aetas is the landing site of the submarines USS Narwhal and USS Nautilus during WW II. Today, the wide Dibut Bay coast provides numerous sights such as an island formation appropriately named Birhen (meaning Virgin). It is an island sculpted by natural erosion resembling the figure of the Virgin Mary praying amidst the waves. While there are many other interesting spots in the area, much of its beauty is settled deep in the waters such as an abundance of marine life including the fast dwindling hammerhead shark and Mako shark. Certain areas also provide potential scenic dive spots for the experienced diver.

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