Hotels & Resorts

Most of the resorts are located in Baler town where most tourists stay overnight. Dingalan has some beach resorts but no information is available as of now. Tourists who trek to the rest of the province either go back to Baler for the evening or stay with relatives and hospitable strangers nearby. Camping is also an option. Not much information exists on accommodations in Aurora but we will update this section, as facts are made available to us.

AMCO Beach Resort

AMCO Beach Resort is a low-rise colonial style building with halls overlooking the driveway. Although the property is not beach front, facilities/amenities include private bathrooms and different types of bedrooms. As one of the biggest resorts around, AMCO is ideal for conferences and conventions. Rates range from PhP400 to PhP500 per night. For reservations, call + 63 (44) 552-4209.

Angara’s Beach House

The Baler Guesthouse is located in Barangay Sabang, conveniently by Sabang Beach. It has seven regular rooms. There are also two public bathrooms and a public comfort room. The restaurant can seat as many as 50 diners. The resort is personally managed by its owner, Karen. It is situated right behind Bay’s Inn and although it does not have a beach view, it offers its guests a private, well-landscaped garden ideal for meditation. Rates range from PhP300 to PhP500 per night. For reservations, call +63 (42) 209-422.

Bay’s Inn

Arguably the most popular resort in Sabang, Bay’s Inn boasts panoramic views of Baler Bay, the Pacific Ocean and surrounding cliffs and beaches. It remains a favorite among foreign guests and out-of-town surfers.

Formerly known as Ocean View, this resort located in Barangay Sabang, Baler, has a booking office in Metro Manila. The booking office is at 20 Lanutan Street, Project 7 in Quezon City. The resort has accommodations for up to 32 guests and a restaurant that serves a maximum of 70 people. Rates range from PhP400 to PhP500 per night. They also rent surfboards for PhP150/day and boogie boards for PhP75/day. For reservations, call +63 (2) 410-0643.

MIA (Make It Aurora) Surf & Sports Resort

Located along Sabang Beach in Barangay Sabang, Baler, the MIA Surf & Sports Resort offers various accommodations. Five VIP rooms have their own flush toilets, showers and electric fans. There are also seven single rooms and four double rooms. There is a restaurant with a seating capacity of 100. The resort offers facilities for horseback riding and rental of equipment for surfing, windsurfing and snorkeling.

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